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Casey Affleck Biography, Age, Career, Girlfriends, Net Worth and More

complete Casey Affleck Biography

We all know the infamous American actor Casey Affleck, however, we didn’t know that he is also a director and animal rights activist. He always chooses the most unconventional roles that several Hollywood A-list stars wouldn’t think of selecting.

His full name is Caleb Ca McGuire Affleck-Boldt and was born on August 12, 1975. In 1995, he earned mainstream Hollywood popularity from the film ‘To Die For’ and his remarkable performance stunned the audience and made him the favourite of director ‘Gus Van Sant’.

He became popular in Hollywood in a short period and he began receiving more prominent roles. In 2007, he won a nomination for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his part in the film ‘The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.

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NameCasey Affleck
Real NameCaleb Casey McGuire Affleck-Boldt
Birth PlaceFalmouth, Massachusetts, U.S.
Date Of BirthAugust 12, 1975
Age45 years
HeightIn centimetres – 173 cm In feet inches – 5’8”
WeightIn kilograms – 74 kg In pounds – 163 lbs
Eye ColorMoss green
Hair ColorDark brown
ProfessionActor and filmmaker
DebutTV movie – Lemon Sky (1988) Film – Too die for Director – I am still here (2010)

Early Life

Casey studied at Columbia University to major in Physics. Casey’s father worked different jobs such as a carpenter, auto mechanic, bartender, bookie, and electrician at Harvard University and his mother is Christopher Anne ‘Chris’ who was a teacher. His father was also linked with the entertainment industry as he hustled as a writer, actor, producer, and director along with the Boston Theatre Company.

The infamous actor Ben Affleck is his older brother. Both the Affleck brothers endured a tough childhood due to their alcoholic father. However, his dad has been a tremendous inspiration for him. His mother supported him throughout his acting career and took him to the theatre to watch plays regularly.

Subsequently, after his parents’ divorce, he moved to stay with his mother. To leave school, he selected acting as a career. His mother’s best friend was a local casting director who assisted him to receive extra roles. He read and learned to talk in Spanish at the age of 10 while touring along with his mother and brother. Due to his father being an alcoholic, he was taken to a rehabilitation facility in Indio, California.

His Height, Weight and more

Casey Affleck height is 173 cm or 5’8” in feet inches tall. Affleck’s weight is 74 kg and 163 lbs. He maintains a wide moss green colour and dark brown hair colour. He has a low mumbling voice which reminds us of Marlon Brando. He often plays the role with intense moral disagreements. He has 42 inches of the chest, inches of waist, and 14 inches of biceps.

Career and Fashion Style

Casey made his debut in the acting world as a teenager and appeared in a TV movie named ‘Lemon Sky’. In the year 1995, he made his movie debut from ‘To Die For’ which was categorised as a satirical comedy and he played the role of a psychopathic angry youth.

Since 1995, he has served to be a vegan. His directorial debut ‘I am still here’ was a box office catastrophe in which he made from his own money.

He earned great exposure, after acting in the movie ‘Good Will Hunting’ which was written by Ben Affleck. He featured in the movie ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ along with other famous actors such as Brad Pitt and George Clooney.

In 2007, he acted in Ben Affleck’s directed movie ‘Gone Baby Gone’ which was a reasonable box office hit. He portrayed the protagonist role of an alcoholic loner in the movie, for his acting in the film ‘Manchester by the Sea’, he received the BAFTA award and an Oscar.

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Girlfriends, Affairs, Wife and More

The younger Affleck wedded Summer Phoenix in 2006 and has two sons called Atticus and Indiana. The couple divorced due to some private troubles. He is currently dating Florina Lima, he started dating her in 2016.


In the year 1998, Casey Affleck starred in the comedy movie ‘Desert Blue.’ The flick was directed by Morgan J. Freeman and featured Brendan Sexton III and Kate Hudson beside Casey Affleck.

After this movie, Casey mainly portrayed small cameos in films such as ‘200 Cigarettes’ (1999), ‘American Pie’ (1999), ‘Drowning Mona’ (2000), ‘Committed’ (2000), and ‘Attention Shoppers’ (2000).

The year 2001 proved to be a bit favourable for Affleck after he got a supporting role in the comedy movie ‘Ocean’s Eleven.’

He subsequently emerged as ‘Sean’ in the psychological thriller movie ‘Soul Survivors.’ The above-mentioned movie was screened by critics and viewers and received a 4% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

In 2002, Casey Affleck debuted as a screenwriter in the Gus Van Sant-directed ‘Gerry.’ While the movie got a mixed response, it eventually failed at the box office.

After depicting short roles for nearly a decade, Casey Affleck discovered his first protagonist role in the 2006 comedy-drama film, ‘Lonesome Jim.’ The movie failed at the box office, however, it gave Casey the credit he wanted to blossom his career.

Then the following year, he acted in ‘Ocean’s Thirteen’ where he reprised his part as ‘Virgil Malloy.’ He has also done several movies besides these that you can watch.

According to people, his worst movie is “Soul Survivors” and his best movie is “Interstellar”.

Net Worth

Casey Affleck net worth is calculated to be roughly $20 million in 2022.

Cristina Nardozzi Biography


Cristina Nardozzi is an American model, actress, television personality, and beauty pageant who participated in the Miss USA 2005 pageant. Nardozzi won the Miss Massachusetts USA 2005 title in Quincy, Massachusetts, in late 2004. She competed in the Miss USA 2005 pageant in Baltimore, Maryland, in April 2005 but failed to win.

Other accomplishments

Nardozzi, a Communications student at Bridgewater State College, was a three-year member of the women’s indoor track and field team and held the school’s high jump record of 5’4″. She was one of forty finalists chosen to compete in the Sports Illustrated Fresh Faces Swimsuit Model Search in August 2003. Nardozzi interned in the sports department at WHDH 7 in Boston and aims to work in television broadcasting.

Jennifer Fairbank (Miss Hawaii USA 2005),Tamiko Nash (Miss California USA 2006), Kristen Berset (Miss Florida USA 2004), Angelique Breux (Miss California USA 1999),Ellen Chapman (Miss California USA 2004),  and Lindsay Douglas (Miss Kansas USA 2002) all appeared on NBC’s new show 1 vs. 100, which premiered in September 2006.

1 vs 100 is an American game show that aired on NBC from 2006 to 2008 before being resurrected on Game Show Network (GSN) with a new season from 2010 to 2011. In the game, a single-player (the “1) competes in a trivia tournament against 100 other participants (known as “the Mob”). The 1 wins prize money based on how many Mob members he or she has eliminated from the game, but any erroneous response at any time in the game results in the loss of all winnings. Bob Saget hosted the original NBC version, while Carrie Ann Inaba hosted the GSN reincarnation. The goal of the 1 is to be the last player standing after eliminating all 100 members by answering a series of general-knowledge questions accurately.

Recent Working Profile

Along with Tara Darby (Miss Alabama USA 2004), Nardozzi is a co-owner of Model Makers Group, a model, talent, and pageant coaching firm.

Michael Maccarone – Another name of Perfection

Michael Maccarone

Michael Maccarone has been one of the most popular actors in Hollywood. He was born in 1981. Each one of you must have enjoyed cartoons like Richie Rich or Tom and Jerry in your childhood. While watching the cartoons, you must have imagined the characters in real life. The thought must have crossed your mind several times about how Richie would have looked in reality. Would he be that rich? Well, the actors like Michael Maccarone have been part of such incredible movies in existence.

What does Michael Maccarone do?

It has been a long time since Michael Maccarone has been in the cast of a Hollywood movie. At present, the famous 39 years old Michael Maccarone is a producer in Hollywood movies. He sometimes even works as a production manager in film. Acting is not a very new thing for him. Despite not having anyone in his family from the film industry, he somehow managed to be an essential part of the industry through lots of struggles. He has been an excellent actor and has mostly played character roles in comedy movies. Though he has not got much fame from acting, his production works in the film industry have brought him some good popularity. Actors from every film industry do not tend to be famous always, but their main Moto remains to win the heart of the spectators at any cost. Fame and money are parts of the film world. If a person manages to make someplace in people’s hearts through his or her acting skills or movie works, he automatically gets famous.

Some notable works of Michael Maccarone

Michael Maccarone has never been that famous for his acting skills ever. But he has successfully won people’s hearts through his actions in the film industry as a producer. He is a deserving film production manager. Michael Maccarone has got the capabilities of producing a film in a unique way possible. He has got creativity of some other level, and so some magical films exist at present. Michael Maccarone has played the role of Tony from Richie Rich. Richie Rich has been the cartoon fantasy to most of the children from the 90s. Richie Rich is not only a dream to the kids of the 90s, but it still now continues to attract children of the 21st century. Tony is an important side character from the cartoon Richie Rich. The cartoon was turned into a film in the year 1994. Michael Maccarone played the role of Tony, who is Richie’s friend. It is a side character in reality but plays a vital role in the movie of Richie Rich. Michael Maccarone has been an essential part of another comedy film, Private Parts. It is the story of Howard Stern. ‘Private Parts’ is an autobiography of the DJ Howard Stern himself. The movie shows the lifestyle of the star Howard Stern from the very childhood to his journey of being one of the most famous DJs in the world. The film forecasts all the struggles and reality of the world which a child has to face in its growing period. Michael Maccarone has played the role of Howard Stern in his puberty stage. Michael Maccarone has successfully held the 12-year-old Howard Stern character in front of the world. His expressions and acting skills in the movie were praiseworthy. He has gained more fame from the movie ‘Private Parts’ rather than his debut film ‘Richie Rich.’

“Image credit: is5-ssl.mzstatic.com”

The Good Part 

After being a part of the movies like ‘Richie Rich’ and ‘Private Parts,’ Michael Maccarone developed a sudden affinity towards film making. He started producing movies as a producer and sometimes was the production manager of some films. Though at first, his films did not get importance in the industry, later on, he successfully produced some of the best movies as well as the TV series. Lately, TV series have gained much importance than Hollywood movies. The fierce competition among all directors and producers of the film industry results in producing some of the masterpieces. Similar things have happened to the works of Michael Maccarone. He started making TV series from 2009 and continues to win people’s heart through many more such TV series now. It has almost been ten years of Michael Maccarone as a producer of the TV series till now. Some of his famous works are as follows:

  • The killers of Comedy: On the Road: it is the first TV series of Michael Maccarone as a producer. It is a TV series of 6 episodes in particular with a fantastic humor base in it. It came into the industry in 2009.
  • Parks and Recreation: it is also a TV series where Michael Maccarone has worked as an associate producer. It is a TV series of 19 episodes in total. This series got released in 2014 for the first time and continued to engage people till 2015.
  • Parks and Recreation: Behind The Final Season: this is a mini TV series of Michael Maccarone as the producer. It is six episodes and got released in 2015.
  • Hannibal Buress: Hannibal Takes Edinburgh: in this TV series, Michael Maccarone has worked as an associate producer again. It got released in 2016.
  • Love: it is one of the most popular TV series of all time where Michael Maccarone has worked as an associate producer initially in the first 22 episodes from 2016 to 2017. Eventually, he started working as the co-producer in the last 12 events in 2018.
  • The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling: this is a TV documentary movie where Michael Maccarone has worked as a post-producer in the year 2018.
  • Forever: it is a TV Series which got released in the same year as ‘The Zen Diaries,’ where Michael worked as a co-producer.
  • Splitting Up Together: it is a TV series of 2018-2019 where Michael has worked as a co-producer.
  • Sorry for Your Loss: it is the best work of Michael Maccarone of all time as a co-producer. It got released in 2019.

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