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Matt Lucas: The Person Who Overcame All His Struggles

by Radu Balas

Matthew Richard Lucas, more popularly known as Matt Lucas, is a face quite popular on the television. He is an English comedian, actor, and writer. He earned his fame for some of his best works to date. He played Nardole in Doctor Who between the times 2015-2017.

He was also seen in movies like The Infidel in 2010, Alice in Wonderland in 2010, Small Apartments in 2012, Bridesmaids in 2011, Alice Through the Looking Glass in 2016, and so on. Matt Lucas was born to John Stanley and Diana in Paddington of London. He is Jewish by birth. Since his birth, Lucas had been trying to fight Alopecia. His life was full of struggles and hardships. He started losing his hair at the age of six, and that incident changed him as an individual and altered his life forever.

The History Of Matt Lucas Education 


Matt Lucas received his primary education at Aylward Primary School and later at The Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School. He completed his university education from the University of Bristol between the years 1993 to 1995. He had also spent a considerable time working with National Youth Theatre. Matt Lucas has always been identified as the bald-headed man with glasses and a serious expression. 


How Losing His Hair Helped Him Shape His Life 


Matt Lucas had a difficult childhood. Matt has met with an accident and was also a patient of asthma, eczema, and hayfever. He was advised to use an inhaler during the morning and night and at times when it was necessary. From a very young age, he had felt at odds with his own body. This left a negative impact on his carefree spirit. Although he wished to lead his life like any other normal child, after even the slightest of physical activity, he would be gasping for air. When the other kids played football, he would also be a part of the game but the only difference being that he used to play the part of the commentator


When he was six years old, one morning he woke up and found that he was losing a lot of hair. By the end of summer that year, all of his hair had fallen and he was left bald. The incident seemed so unreal to him that he pulled out the remaining few strands of hair that were left on his scalp. The doctors diagnosed that this happened because of the shock that he had received when he was knocked down by a car a couple of years back and that he was diagnosed with alopecia. Gradually, it so happened that he came to be identified as the man with no hair. He received a lot of strange stares from people wherever he went.

The fact that he was bald appeared to be entertainment for everyone who looked at him. His hair kept growing and falling, multiple numbers of times. He has become an object of discussion and curiosity among his friends. He even tried homeopathy and acupuncture. However, nothing seemed to help. 

matt lucas“image credit simplenews.co.uk”


How He Accepted Himself And His Baldness And Believed It Helped Him Shape His Career 


By the time he was sure that he wasn’t going to grow hair any longer because the roots might be dead, he knew that he had to accept it. The period of acceptance was pretty difficult for him. But his baldness helped him shape his career. He believes that he wouldn’t have got a role in Shooting Stars if he was not bald and had a head full of hair, just like any other child. 


In order to get accustomed to being asked the same questions to his baldness, he came up with quirky responses to the meaningful questions. He had also developed the skills of staring back at people if he caught them staring at him. 


He considered putting on a wig, but that idea didn’t turn out quite well. The kids in his school would often bully him. A kid even tossed his wig and blew it off once when Matt was running across his school field. 


Years Later…


Later, when Matt entered into his adulthood, he consulted a doctor who asked how he went bald. He narrated the entire story of being knocked down by a car during his childhood and how his then doctor had concluded that his loss of hair was due to the shock he had received because of the accident. The doctor asked him if he had allergies, asthma, hayfever, or eczema, all of which he did. The doctor then said that his hair was lost because his immune system is overactive. This sounded convincing to him and assured him that his hair didn’t fall due to dramatic reasons. Another reason why he was comforted was that the doctor stated that he would never acquire cancer because his immune system would fight them away immediately. 


His Love Life


Matt was seven years old when he had found out that he was gay. In 2006, in the month of December, Matt Lucas got into a partnership with Kevin McGee in a London ceremony. However, the partnership did not last, and the High Court had dissolved it in the year 2008. Later, in 2009, Kevin McGee had committed suicide in his London home. Lucas admitted that he had to indulge in a lot of sex in order to distract himself from the horrendous incident.  


As of now, Lucas is known to be the patron of Karen Morris Memorial Trust, which is a charitable trust in the UK meant for helping the leukemia patients and their family members. He had also won 62,500 pounds for the charity when he appeared in the show “Celebrity Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.” From all these, it can be made out that Matt Lucas has had a very fulfilling life and career. He knew how to combat his weaknesses and emerge stronger than ever before! He still stands as a beaming example to many people who might be suffering from a lack of self-confidence due to their physical ailments. 

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