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The First-Ever Documentary About Black Women CEOs Premieres on Netflix.

by Radu Balas

She Did That is the first-ever documentary made starring the Black Women CEOs and entrepreneurs. It is now premiering on Netflix. Renae L. Bluitt, a famous filmmaker and blogger, is the director of this documentary. His vision behind it was to bring forward a more apt rendition of Black businesswomen to the media.

Bluitt, as a digital content creator and PR consultant, runs a blog called ‘In Her Shoes’ in which she has been writing about the ambitious minds and pursuits of Black Women for about ten years. This documentary is her first cinematic project. She has now gathered the world’s attention on the idea through the world’s most popular and effective online streaming service – Netflix.

The documentary is all about the lives and struggles of four Black women, their journeys of becoming entrepreneurs, including the hurdles they had to jump over, such as the finance unavailability due to their race. Bluitt intended to show the world how these women tossed their challenges into the air and caught them back as opportunities. She made this documentary after getting inspiration from #BlackGirlMagic and portrayed the Black women as the new inspiration to the next generation.

In a recent interview by Forbes, Bluitt quoted, “As the fastest group of entrepreneurs in this country, [Black women] are turning water into wine despite the many obstacles we face on our entrepreneurial journeys. This film was created to let the world know what it takes to be a successful Black woman entrepreneur in this world. Platforms like social media only show us the results and the highlights, but “She Did That” pulls back the curtain to reveal how and why we do it.”

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The documentary puts focus on the grit and granite of the founder of ‘Carol’s Daughter’ – the haircare brand – Lisa Price; the founder of ‘The Lip Bar’ – the beauty brand – Melissa Butler; the founder of My Fab Finance – Tonya Rapley; and a New York Times best-selling author, speaker and digital strategist – Luvvie Ajayi.

To add to the amaze of the project, Bluitt appointed, on purpose, a whole camera crew, production staff, researchers for film locations as well as the assistants, of only black women! It took almost two years of filming after which; the documentary was premiered at ESSENCE Festival in New Orleans at a sold-out screening event. Since then, it has been screened in various other cities incorporation with officialdoms catering black women and also at numerous HBCUs. 

Bluitt hopes that with such an overwhelming amount of audience the film has received through Netflix, it will touch and inspire more of black women’s lives. She also expressed her beatitude on getting an opportunity to consort with Netflix.

“I want women to know that even the most successful women in business have experienced the challenges and obstacles they face while building their brands. We all make mistakes, learn from them, and stop to refuel or keep going even stronger. I want women to know they are not alone in their fears and the biggest takeaway is this – if the women in this film can do it, you can do it, too!”

Stream this fantastic and intimidating documentary on Netflix now!

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