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The Vikings will always be a fascination for many people, particularly those that love science and history. There was an element of everything in their culture, from savage fighting to soothing birth songs. Some of the Vikings managed to make their own special mark in history, though. These are some of the most well-known Viking names that have made it into the history books.

Erik The Red

Erick the Red is one of the most well-known under Viking names. This popular Viking made mass murder his hobby long before people became fascinated with serial killer documentaries. His claims to fame included being involved in one murder after another when he lost his temper. Because of this, he was often referred to as Hot-Headed Erik the Red. His temper always seemed to play a role in his offenses.

According to the Icelandic Sagas, Erik the Red was born in Norway. His temper got him in trouble at an early age, as his first killing was when he was a small child, and this proved to be a way of life for him, much like his father who was banished when Erik was only ten years old.

Most believe that this is why the family wound up on the Iceland settlement. (When Vikings were banished, it did not always last forever.)

In Iceland, Erik the Red found more conflict and murder, however. A group of his slaves started a landslide, which was less than convenient for their neighbor. This neighbor then took it upon himself to kill the slaves. Erik the Red was furious, and then killed a member of the clan that had killed his slaves. This led to him being banished.

During this banishment, an island north of Iceland was his home. More conflict followed him there, leading to another banishment. It was then that Erik the Red started his own settlement in Greenland. He returned to Iceland and then convinced hundreds to move to Greenland with him. These settlements lasted for years but eventually died out along with Erik the Red.

Ragnar Lothbrok

Ragnar Lothbrok was one of the most popular Viking names before the hit television series, but now he is more popular than ever. Ragnar was most known viking names for his raids on other settlements and being a famous Viking king. He led his warriors to one victory after another. There was not an exceptional amount of conflict centered around Ragnar Lothbrok, but once there was it led to his untimely death. It is said that during one such invasion Lothbrok was captured to be thrown into a pit of snakes.

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Bjorn Ironside

As the son of the legendary king Ragnar Lothbrok, it should only be expected that this Viking king would be exceptional as well. He was known for being a legendary king of the Swedes.

Prior to this, Ironside was cast out of the kingdom by his own father, as was the Viking custom at the time. Bjorn took this opportunity, got a fleet of ships and became a superb Navy commander. He took his ships and his men up and down the coast, ravaging towns along the coast. This alone made him a household name at the time.

He met his match in Charles the Bald, where his forces were slightly defeated. They did not return frequently to fight the same battle but did join forces with another Viking fleet so that they could not be forced out of the sea. They were also able to maintain their stronghold when it was attacked.

It is not said hot this famous Viking king passed away. Instead, he is simply no longer mentioned in historical texts.

Leif Erikson

Leif Erikson is most known Viking names for being the son of the famous Erik the Red. This man was more than likely born in Iceland but grew up in one of his father’s settlements on Greenland. After this, he had his own crew of men that enjoyed their own voyages.

Leif Erikson was on one such voyage when his ships were blown off course. He did find two other ships that were wrecked, and he was the first Viking to set foot on North America outside of Greenland. The men that were shipwrecked are believed to be the first European’s to see this part of the world, but Leif Erikson was the first Viking to set eyes on this new land.

Svein Forkbeard

This famous Viking king, also called Swein, this Viking names famous for his dramatically long beard, which is where the last name Forkbeard more than likely came from. He was the first Danish king of England, something that makes him stand out a bit in the history books. On the other hand, his rule lasted for five weeks, one of the shortest reigns. Because of this, he is often left out of history books or referred to as the forgotten king.

Whether his rule is remembered or not, his successful military campaigns are. He fought with true Viking combat skills and remained skilled at leading a military through one victorious conquest after another. His campaign shattered villages while impressing others. His rule was marked in history by his successes, and the success of his sons who also had their own countries to rule.

Harald Hardrada

Harald Hardrada led a life full of successes. He won conquests with his brother by his side, was king of England, and held the Danish throne at one point. Even while in exile, he made a successful living as a mercenary. His life long successes and ruling with an iron fist are both what made this famous Viking names.

There were many more famous Viking names throughout history. Some of Viking names were known for their superior skills on the battlefield while others were known for their time spent being a king. Most Viking names were known for their extreme success as both military and country leaders. Because independence was encouraged among Viking children, most of them already possessed the natural skills of a leader long before they sat upon a throne or were in command of a fleet of naval ships.


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