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Travis Fimmel Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Career, Bio-Wiki, More

by Radu Balas

Travis Fimmel is a top-rated Australian model and actor. He was born in the Echuca Victoria area in Australia on the 15th of July, 1979.

During his early days, he was a gym freak, and his talent was seen from that time. He rose to the modeling fame from the ad of Calvin Klein and then gain his fans from all over the world from his acting in Vikings as Ragnar Lothbrok in a TV series.

If you take a look at his life, he was always very much unsure about the profession to pursue. But all starts to clear in his mind when he travels to Asia and European countries. When he starts his career in modeling, he becomes much famous than any other model. He comes up with videos with Janet Jackson and Jennifer Lopez.

Before becoming a face of modeling, he uses to work for “Gap” and “L’Oreal”. But when Calvin Klein hires him, he shoots to the top of the world. As soon as he gets himself into the ads, his fan following starts to rise, and people start to follow him and madly love him.

With such a successful career in the modeling, Travis does not limit himself to the modeling career only. After a while, he went to the acting academy and started to learn acting and sharpen his acting skills under expert guidance. He has to struggle a lot and done many years of hard work to achieve the position at which he is currently standing. After doing some good movies, appearing in TV series and magazine covers, he reaches a point where he can showcase his talent to the whole world. At that time, History TV was going to make a series on Vikings, and they approach him to play a crucial role in it. When he starts to play the part of the Ragnar Lothbrok, you can see that the fan following increases overnight.

The series now become one of the epic and most-loved series, and all these happens after people watch his role in the series. Travis Fimmel has got an epic career with many success stories inside it. It is like a story inside an account, and to know about him, you all need to dig deep inside his biography. Here you can get the details story about his life and how he become one of the world’s sexiest as well as top Hollywood actors and models in current time.

travis fimmel“image credit in.pinterest.com”

Real Name/Full Name Travis Fimmel
Birth Place: Echuca, Australia
Date Of Birth/Birthday: July 15, 1979
Age/How Old: 43 years old
Height/How Tall: In Centimetres – 182cm
In Feet and Inches – 5′ 10″
Weight: In Kilograms – 86Kg
In Pounds – 189lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Parents Name: Father – Chris Fimmel
Mother – Jennie Fimmel
Siblings: Will Update Soon
School/College: RMIT University
Nationality: Australian
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Zodiac Sign:  Cancer
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Unmarried
Girlfriend: Single
Profession: Actor And Ex-Model
Famous For: TV series Vikings
Net Worth: Approximately $3 Million
Social Media: Instagram
Last Updated: January 2022

Early life

Chris is the father of Travis Fimmel, he was a cattle farmer while his mother Jennie was a recreation officer for the disabled. At that time, they own farmland of about 5500 acres, and all the family members work there in that farmland. Even Travis work there till the age of 17.

During the childhood days, he is very much interested in going to be a professional footballer for Australia. He, too, shift his base to Melbourne so that he can play football for the St Kilda Club. The club was in AFL, but as he is thinking of getting his career in it, injury to leg makes him change his decision. Before even tournament starts, his leg broke, and he got sidelined for the damage.

After the completion of the high school, he got himself to Melbourne University. But after getting in there, he starts to follow his passion for adventures. His talent to become an actor was first noticed by David Seltzer, who suggests he go to the US for pursuing his career.

After reaching the US, he starts to nurture his talent under the guidance of renowned coach for acting Ivana Chubbuck. He had to struggle for many years before getting his breakthrough in the movies. His acting skills had impressed many top directors, and he, too, got many projects for his acting skills. As soon as he starts to act in the movies or series, all praise him for justifying the role in an excellent manner. His acting skills and good physic help him to bag many top films and series like Vikings as well. Vikings are the life-changing series for him.

The career of Travis Fimmel 

If you take a look at the career of Travis, then you will surely get to know how hard he works to get where he is right now. It is not an easy task for him to move to the top position in the movie industry, but still, with his constant dedication, he gets all these things that he has now in his life.


Travis and modeling are having a massive role in what he is now. It is because, at first, when he is trying to get into the industry, he starts his career from modeling. At the very early, his talent was the spot when he was doing the workout. The talent of Travis was spotted by his flatmate Matthew Anderson who is also a scout for the Chadwick Models agency right that time.

After spotting his flatmate talent, he offers him the chance, and soon Travis signs the contract with the agency LA Models. All these beautiful things are happening way back in the year 2002. But his career does not stop there, and soon he becomes the world’s first male model to bag a huge 6 figure deal for the Calvin Klein.

Apart from that, all he is the first model for the Calvin Klein company to model in the famous underwear from the company. Soon after his success in the modeling career, in the same year, he gets the tag of the world’s sexiest bachelors from America’s People Magazine. Not only that, he too starts to appear in many magazine covers and various TV shows as well.

From all these things, his career takes a turn from modeling to acting venture.


As soon as he starts to appear in various TV shows and also got offers to do cameos, his acting career leaps. He gets to the top acting school of the US and starts to learn acting from the coach of acting Ivana Chubbuck.

Under his guidance, Travis Fimmel fine-tunes his acting skills and before going for the audition for the movie role.

After the audition, Warner Bros have taken him in their TV series, whose title is Tarzan. This TV series was described as one of the hottest things in 2003 in the whole entertainment world. In the series, there are many stunts and nearly most of the stunts done by Travis himself.

This points to the starting of an acting career for him, and later, he starts to do many other hit movies and series for the different production houses. He reason for which the fan following for his acting is getting large is due to the versatile role that he uses to play. He brings every character to life, and each of the parts is different from the other one.

Link between both

In an interview with the Magazine, Travis Fimmel states a mind-blowing statement that connects the modeling and acting career. In that interview, he says about how the role which he got for the very first time helps him from becoming an actor from a model. He recalls that moment and said that he was sitting in the class and then went for the audition.

During his stay in LA, he states that he was there for acting, but somehow it was not happening with me. But as something needs to be done that time, so modeling got its grip on him. And all these things change when he becomes a model and people start to notice him.

Soon, he got offers from different TV shows and other TV series as well to perform some cameo and from there he starts his acting career. But he added by saying that he does not jump to it directly and instead

How is his personal life?

If you take a look at his personal life, then you all can see that he had a great experience. Travis has got many kinds of s activities and hobbies that all he used to do when he is having free time in his life. The events that he loves to do are horse riding, Australian rules football, riding, motorbikes, and surfing as well.

These are all the activities that he loves in his free time. But apart from that all, he too has done many other things in his life. In the year 2009, he played a celebrity cricket match that was held between Australia and England. In that match, there are other Australian actors too present there who all are Jesse Spencer, Chef Curtis Stone, Cameron Daddo, Garry Gary Beers, Michael Kasprowicz, and other stars as well.

Travis Fimmel“image credit www.yahoo.com”

The career of Travis Fimmel

Here are the milestones that make Travis a renowned actor and model in the whole world.

  • In 2002, he got the tag of the world’s sexiest bachelors from America’s people magazine.
  • He appears in top magazine covers as well as in some TV Guide programs of America.
  • In the year 2003, he got a call from the top TV shows of American history, “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”
  • He, too, got the calls from other popular TV shows, which are Live with Regis and Lee, Total Request Live from MTV, Extra, and The Sharon Osbourne TV show.
  • He did a small role in Someone to Call My Lover of Janet Jackson and in I’m Real of Jennifer Lopez.
  • He starts his acting career in 2003 with Warner Bros TV Series name as Tarzan.
  • In the year 2005, he acts in a movie Rocky Point with well-known actress Lauren Holly.
  • In 2006, he did a movie with Madeleine Stowe, and it is named as Southern Comfort.
  • In 2008, he did the role of a murderer in Restraint. For this role, he got many applause, and he justifies the role in a significant way.
  • Later after two years in 2010, he played a cowboy role in Pure Country 2: The Gift. Then a forensic photographer in the next horror movie in the same year named Needle. In the movie, you can see Ben Mendelsohn as well.
  • Later in the year 2010, he did an independent movie, which is the official selection for the Montreal World Film Festival as well as Strasbourg International Film Festival. The name of the movie was Ivory.
  • He did not stick to big screens only, and he did some best shows on the small screen as well. He got the boost in the small screen when he cast the opposite of Patrick Swayze in A&E’s series. In the show named The Beast, he played a role as an FBI undercover agent as Ellis Dove. Unfortunately, the series ended only after 13 episodes as the lead actor Swayze died due to pancreatic cancer.
  • In the next year 2011, he appears in the upcoming movie, which is The Big Valley.
  • He even attaches himself in a comic role as well. He has done a comedy flick, which was named as Baytown Outlaws in which it stars Billy Bob Thornton as well as Eva Longoria.
  • A significant major change in his career comes in the year 2012 itself. When he got his role in Vikings along with co-star Jessalyn Gilsig, Gabriel Byrne, and Katheryn Winnick, in that TV series, he plays the role of legendary Viking leader which is Ragnar Lothbrok.
  • Later after four years, in 2016, he comes back to do the best movie with action. The film was Warcraft, and it is based on an adaption of the video game as well.
  • In 2017, he appeared in the drama film, which is Lean on Pete that is a British American movie. The movie was based on the novel written by Willy Vlautin.
  • With such a massive success in both the big screen and small screens, he is now looking forward to some big future projects as well. You all can see that the next project of the star includes the “Finding Steve McQueen,” which is a heist movie. It is full of thrill and is directed by Mark Steven Johnson. There is no official announcement for the release date of the film, but it will be getting by the end of the year.

Is he married?

Travis Fimmel is a hot actor, and many women too have a crush on him. All these happen when going for the Vikings, which is TV series. From there, the popularity of the actor jumps at a fast rate, and many women get mad after him.

But the actor has got no official social media account for which there is no certain word about his status. But it is confirmed that he has never been to marriage, and he is still there waiting for the right women for his life. Not only that, for a few years, there was a rumor which shows that he is currently dating Paula Patton from Warcraft movie. But it is not confirmed as there is no social media account of him, and it is difficult to collect the personal information about him personally.

Furthermore, the rumors for the world’s sexist man is very high. Before some years, he was linked with many top actresses, and it was believed that his first girlfriend was a top American model Joy Bryant. The list of the rumors and dating girls is enormous when it comes to the Travis Fimmel. In the year 2002, he said to be dating a New Zealand model name Rachel Hunter. But after some days, that rumor also went just like others and a new rumor came forward.

What made him rise to fame?

Travis has done a lot of movies and TV series in his career. He is currently known to be one of the top Hollywood actors with some best acting skills. Earlier, his versatility acting skills and nailing each character role made him the favorite actor among all. But all things change for him when he handed a new TV series on History TV channel.

The name of the series is Vikings, in which he is going to play a vital role in it. Travis plays a crucial role as he is leading the Vikings series with the character of Viking Ragnar Lothbrok. In the history of England as well as France, the legend comes among the top notorious heroes.

The central theme of the series is how Bjorn Ironside fights for his ambitions and passion. The kingdom of Kattegat always believes in the peace of the community and world, but how everything changes for the new king can be seen in the series.

All the things change for the king when a threat from an enemy arrives about resurgent. To save the kingdom from the enemies and to bring the old glory and peace back to the kingdom, Bjorn and Lagertha again rise to power. In the series, you can see how both the kings are rising and show enemies that Vikings never surrender at any cost.

When the shows start in the History channel, it gets a vast TRP, and people from all over the world love it as well. It is the point when Travis becomes more famous and critically acclaimed for acting skills from various fields. Currently, there is 6 season of Vikings and next season may soon get release as well.


Travis Fimmel is now a well-known household name in most parts of the world. You all can see that the role which he plays in the series Vikings made him much more famous than other movies and series. Till now, he has done several films and series with some top-rated actors and actresses of Hollywood, but still, he becomes the most search actor after the series Vikings got aired in History Channel. Currently, his net worth is $3 million and is increasing as each year is passing by.

Travis Fimmel“image credit www.dailymail.co.uk”

Famous quotes from Travis Fimmel

There are some of the quotes from Travis which are well known to his fans all over the world. The top quotes from Travis are mentioned below.

  1. A famous line from his first movie Tarzan in 2003 is “The monkey stuff is hilarious. But as Tarzan, you cannot take him seriously.
  2. The next quote from him is when he talks about his life. He states that he always loves to play the role rather than saying it everywhere. It makes me feel happy as people start to think about it.
  3. For the role of Ragnar, he states that a viewer can easily relate to why the character does the bad stuff. The character does everything so that his family and friends can stay safe and happy, and for that, it does not matter if it needs to chop some body parts of enemies.
  4. Travis says that- he did not get into the acting so that he can become famous. Instead, he is there to disturb the sensibilities. He acts in such a manner that it makes the people to think and to relate about the pain in character as well. They all need to feel that these things are not in better circumstances.
  5. Travis always says that he loves the role of being an actor until he can afford all the opportunities that he gets from that role for himself.
  6. When someone asks him about his looks, he says that it is very much hard for one to live up to the images. The photo that you all see in there on social media and the internet is not me. But give a big applause to computer editing and some excellent camera lenses which make me look more than myself.

Things you don’t know about Travis Fimmel

There are some essential things that you all must not have known about him. Here are some of the hidden facts about Travis Fimmel.

  1. He wants to be an engineer

Yes, you read it right here. Travis was going to pursue his higher studies at Melbourne University as the university accepted his application. As soon as he got the approval, he thought of going to study engineering as well as commercial architecture in the university. He has got a massive interest in this field before getting into the entertainment world. But due to some instances, he got a travel option to the USA, and he took it and started his new journey from there.

  1. He was a pro football player

During his school life, he was a good footballer for his school. When he moved to Melbourne, his first intention was to join the national football team. At that time, he was very much fond of playing the football for which he began to get the train as well in a club. His main objective is to go for the professional Australian football team and play for the country.

Not only that, he too played with the St. Kilda Football Club in the AFL. Impress with his performance, when the team hires him for the season, a tragedy strikes him. During a practice match, he got injured, and in that process, he has broken his leg as well. Due to that, the club does not consider him anymore as he needs bed rests entirely after that and many months as well to recover from such injury. It is that time when he stops thinking of going for the professional football team.

  1. He accidentally met his manager in London

When he was recovering from an injury and starting his new life, he needs some source of income as well. For all that, he uses to go to a bar and work there. In the bar, he met with David Seltzer, who was there for work, and he is the one who spots the talent in Travis. He then suggests him to go to the USA and to try to become an actor there. After a while, he taken his advice and then went to Los Angles to get a training under Ivana Chubbuck.

After some years, when he becomes a well-established actor, he hires David Seltzer as his manager.

  1. His early life was spent on a farmland

Travis’s father was a cattle farmer, and he was born near Echuca. As his father was a cattle farmer, so they have owned a large piece of land, which is about 5500 acres land. The land is situated between Melbourne and Sydney. At the age of 17, he manages the firm as well in a significant way along with the studies. His significant portion of early life was full of struggle and hard works.

TV Series and films list


  1. 2008- Surfer, Restraint, Dude and Pure Country 2: The Gift
  2. 2010- Needle, The Experiment and Ivory
  3. 2011- Supremacy
  4. 2012- Harodim and The Baytown Outlaws
  5. 2015- Maggie’s plan
  6. 2016- Warcraft
  7. 2017- Finding Steve McQueen and Lean on Pete
  8. 2019- Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan and Dreamland.s

TV Series

  1. 2003- Tarzan
  2. 2005- Rocky Point
  3. 2006- Southern Comfort
  4. 2009- The Beast
  5. 2010- Chase
  6. 2012- Blackbox TV and Outlaw Country
  7. 2013- 2017- Vikings
  8. 2020- Raised by Wolves

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